Our Mission

Empowering learners with skills and knowledge to achieve their full potential.

Who we are

We are a registered, leading support services and training company, passionate about providing the knowledge and hands-on skills needed for employment. We’re committed to keeping individuals engaged, through devoted trainers and mentors who strive to make learning interesting.

What we do

We deliver career-focused training and specialised qualifications to equip individuals with relevant skills for employment in their chosen field. Asuria Training tailors training to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, by recognising skills shortages and striving to meet the demands of the labour market. 

We empower job seekers through a hands-on approach, as well as team-based learning and eLearning. Our team of dedicated trainers help individuals connect with employers, and assist those looking to start their own businesses. Asuria Training is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Why choose Asuria Training? 

  • Innovative learning 
  • Tailored training courses 
  • Open communication  
  • Fully certified trainers  
  • Australian Quality Framework 

We will

  • Be willing to tailor training based on an individual’s needs 
  • Provide job seekers with feedback 
  • Provide dedicated trainers willing to help you succeed  
  • Help you develop a sound understanding of your business needs and operational demands 
  • Provide a personalised concierge service to all learners reminding them of the time, date and location of their training 
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