Terms and Conditions


Asuria Training reserves the right to cancel, delay or reschedule courses due to unforeseen circumstances or other instances where the course cannot proceed. Please consult the Refund Policy for further information on refund eligibility.

Asuria Training reserves the right to alter course content, delivery mechanisms or venues.

Privacy of information

Please consult our Privacy Policy for further information.


Once a  candidate’s enrolment has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the nominated email address. The email will contain information relevant to the enrolment process and next steps. An invoice will be generated and provided to the candidate for payment before the course starts unless otherwise agreed to by Asuria Training.

Payment can be either by direct deposit, cheque or credit card.

Asuria Training reserves the right to reject an enrolment for a candidate and pricing is subject to change. The pricing will not change after enrolment has been accepted.


All prices on this site are in Australian dollars. Prices include GST where indicated. Tax invoices will be supplied and GST, where applicable, will be identified separately.

Terms and Conditions

The information on this website has been compiled to provide you with information on Asuria Training and our services. While we have made all reasonable efforts to provide accurate information, we do not warrant or represent its accuracy and we reserve the right to make changes to it at any time without notice.

Asuria Training accepts no responsibility or liability for any losses or damages of any kind arising out of the use of any information contained on our website, to the extent permitted by law. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law in force in Victoria.

The information, logos or images are copyright to Asuria Training. The content cannot be reproduced without our express written consent.

Any links to external websites are not covered under these Terms and Conditions. The content on these third-party websites is not the responsibility of Asuria Training to control or guarantee availability.

These Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time.


Asuria Training aims to support the requirements of all users who browse our website, however, if you do encounter a problem and would like to provide us with feedback it would be very much appreciated.

We regularly check our website against the Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C) standards for making the web more accessible to people with disabilities.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have been used to set the colour, size and layout of the text within each page.


Each course will have its own requirements. Please check the course requirements before enrolling. There may be a blended mix of face to face and/or online or classroom content. The candidate will be responsible to ensure they have adequate resources to complete the course.

Secure Payments

The payment gateway offered by Asuria Training to facilitate payments by candidates is an externally hosted solution. As such, no payment details are passed through the Asuria Training website.  Rather the Payment Gateway handles all the financial transactions and is responsible for all Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. Asuria Training hold no responsibility for the payment gateway service and the candidate should use the service at their own risk.

Asuria Training will not be responsible for any losses, failures or fraud for the use of the service in the event of losses arising from using the Payment Gateway service by the candidate. As data is transmitted over the internet, no guarantee will be provided for theft or unauthorised use of the data transmitted, although all care will be taken to protect data in transit.

Candidates must have authority to utilise the payment method on behalf of the owner of the credit card or other payment method. Asuria Training is not responsible for insufficient credit on the account, fraudulent use of the payment method or inaccurate financial details provided. If paying by instalments, or if payment cannot be completed, the candidate will be removed from the course until payment is received.

Participant Code of Conduct

Our Participant Code of Conduct is contained in the Asuria Training Student Handbook.

Students are not to post comments to any website that is derogatory, harassing, hateful, racist, obscene, infringes copyright, constitutes commercial advertising or promotion or violates any Australian law.

Any breach of our Asuria Training Participant Code of Conduct will be subject to further review in accordance with disciplinary procedures outline in our Asuria Training Student Handbook.

Contact us

You can email us at support@asuriatraining.com.au or call us on 1800 872 297 and we will try to resolve any issues. You can view our Complaints and Appeals Policy here.