Asuria Training participants secure employment despite language barriers

Asuria Training trainer Sheril smiling with Asuria Training participant Ibrahim.
Asuria Training Trainer, Sheril and Asuria Training Participant and Disability Support Worker, Ibrahim.

Asuria Training participants Ibrahim and Tidiane have a lot in common.

Joining Asuria Training in March 2020 and enrolling in the Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) [CHC33015], Ibrahim and Tidiane were hoping to find a pathway into becoming Disability Support Workers.

Ibrahim is from Tanzania, and Tidiane is from Guinea, and for both men, English is their second language. And while they shared the same barriers to employment, they also had the same motivations for entering the care sector, as they have family members back home with disabilities.

With firsthand experience and a deep level of empathy and compassion, they wanted to provide high-quality support to empower people with disability. Still, they would need some assistance in completing their certificate.

For many people, getting into the rhythm of studying is tricky, and for Ibrahim and Tidiane, they had the added difficulty of learning the coursework in a language they weren’t confident in.

However, Ibrahim and Tidiane weren’t going to let a language barrier get in their way.

Despite struggling with written English and comprehension at times, the pair consistently asked questions, attended the classroom sessions, and even came into the Asuria Training classroom on additional days for extra study time.

While the motivation and determination were there, they still had moments of self-doubt. This came about for Ibrahim, particularly when it came to completing his work placement.

Commencing his placement in July 2021, Ibrahim had difficulty generalising his learning as he was in an unfamiliar environment. However, he persevered, and with the positive feedback from his co-workers and supervisors, he successfully completed his 120 hours of work placement.

Ibrahim was thrilled to be offered an interview following his placement. However, he was feeling extremely nervous, and the self-doubt began to creep its way back in. Thankfully, he had the support of his Asuria Training Trainer, Sheril, who stood by his side and assisted him in perfecting his interview techniques and reminded him that he had all the tools he needed to succeed.

To Ibrahim’s surprise, his employer was very impressed with his work ethic and interview. He is now working with the services that hosted his placement as a Disability Support Worker.

Tidiane also found employment at the facility where he completed his placement, with everyone leaving positive feedback, including his clients who requested that management keep him on board.

Asuria Training is incredibly proud of Ibrahim and Tidiane for showing such a strong commitment to completing their certificate. We know that they will continue to make excellent Disability Support Workers and we wish them all the best in the future.