It’s never too late to start: Robyn retrains in Cyber Security through Asuria Training

Asuria Training Student, Robyn.

Feeling a strong desire for a career change, Robyn made the decision to return to studying as a mature-age student.  

Looking for an opportunity to expand her skillset and explore a new career, Robyn heard about a Certificate III in Information Technology through Asuria Training, and decided to take a leap of faith.  

When Robyn expressed her interest in the course, she had limited knowledge about the world of cyber security. However, after speaking with Asuria Training Trainer Felicity and learning more about the course, it became clear that this was a step in the right direction, and she enrolled in the course in late 2022. 

Over the next twelve months, Robyn dedicated her time to learning about the IT industry, developing the essential skills to propel her into a new career.   

The course’s structure, which delivers live webinars and tutorials remotely, was designed to offer students the flexibility to fit in coursework with their busy schedules. Through managing her disability and a major family emergency, Robyn felt supported and was able to keep up to date on course content through session recordings, which ensured she wouldn’t fall behind. 

“I have a disability that prevents me from attending an actual classroom, so having the course fully available online was a great opportunity for me to complete this training,” shared Robyn. 

She became increasingly engaged as she progressed through the course, finding an appreciation and enthusiasm toward her new knowledge base. One of the key areas Robyn enjoyed learning about was cyber security processes, which started her thinking about how to apply them to her personal life.

“I enjoy a challenge, and working through the assignments was a great opportunity to help me recognise what I was learning and how to implement it. I discovered that I really enjoyed learning the processes of becoming cyber-secure. Every step made sense, and I could see a great need to follow the process for myself and for the volunteer organisation I assist,” shared Robyn.

Robyn brainstormed practical ways to apply her newfound knowledge to the organisation she volunteers at. Her main idea was to enhance the security and privacy measures, which was received very positively. Robyn’s proactivity led to an invitation to contribute to a privacy policy, where she now assists in a team improving security measures and developing training for new recruits. This is a huge step in the right direction for a cyber security student, and one that has provided Robyn with her first opportunity to gain industry-relevant work experience.  

Felicity commented on Robyn’s growth throughout the course, sharing,

“I remember when Robyn started the course, she was unsure if cyber security would be helpful. She is now a cyber security champion at the organisation where she volunteers and has been assigned to update their policies and procedures on security.”

Robyn shared her experience taking part in the course,

“I am very excited to be able to add this qualification to my resume. It is a field in which employment opportunities are increasing all the time, and employees with this training are sought after. I look forward to finding employment and being able to apply the new skills I have learned in this course.”

Taking the opportunity to undergo the Certificate III in Information Technology has provided a vital step in launching Robyn into her new career. Completing the course and taking the initiative to share her knowledge when volunteering has equipped Robyn with valuable skills and experience that future employers will benefit from.  

With her path set up for success, Robyn is exploring the possibilities of working in the IT and cybersecurity industries, with a preference for remote work to support her disability. 

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