Computing student Kelly upskills in Cyber Security with Asuria Training, finding her area of expertise

After graduating from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing, Kelly landed her first job in her field and was excited to get her new career underway. She was dealt a crushing blow when, soon after, she was made redundant.

Kelly felt her new career slowly slipping away. Living in Tasmania, there wasn’t a large pool of volunteering and interning opportunities in her industry, and she hadn’t built up the experience needed to find another role.

Kelly was facing difficulty in finding a suitable job when she came across Asuria Training, which offers courses in various fields, including a Certificate III in Information Technology. Kelly was thrilled to hear that the course also included cyber security training, a subject that she was always passionate about. Without wasting any time, she enrolled in the course in October 2022 to add valuable skills and experience to her resume.

Taking on a new course over the next year, Kelly committed herself to learning everything she could about cyber security and how it related to her existing skills. Her first topic, Threat Identification and Cyber Risk Management, provided a challenging start to the course, but Kelly remained dedicated in learning new information.

The course delivery included online tutorials and webinar sessions, providing her with a well-rounded understanding of cyber security. She had access to various resources, including live sessions, learner guides, and guest speakers, which helped her to build her knowledge and skills in the field. The practical aspect of the course was also well-designed, with simulation labs allowing Kelly to apply her theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios. By the end of the course, Kelly was confident in her ability to handle cyber security challenges in a professional setting.

Facilitating this course was Asuria Training Trainer Felicity, who was readily available for support, gave insightful feedback on coursework and encouraged Kelly to produce high-quality work. Trainers at Asuria Training want to instil the idea that in cyber security and any industry, it is important to perform beyond the bare minimum and commit to regularly improving your abilities.

The online nature of the course allowed Kelly the flexibility to manage her personal life with her study life. The unexpected loss of a family dog and adoption of a new dog created new dynamics and responsibilities for Kelly to balance. Throughout these changes, Kelly was able to maintain her coursework, seek support when needed, and stay up to date on any assignments.

“I could tell they took their work seriously and cared about their students succeeding, which gave me a positive impression about the course and helped me further invest in the coursework,” shared Kelly.

On top of her new cyber security skills, Kelly has also developed her soft skills, an important aspect of finding work. She learned about time management, research, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Kelly shared her experience with Asuria Training, commenting,

“The course has given me a bigger appreciation for learning and constantly improving. It has helped to reinforce for me how important it is to constantly learn, try new things and push boundaries. Our instructor was consistently updating the resources provided. The course challenged and encouraged students to do their own research and come up with solutions.”

Reflecting on Kelly’s journey, Felicity shared,

“With a natural gift for writing, Kelly became progressively keener in submitting assessments and being an active contributor in our weekly webinars. I am so impressed with the way Kelly did not let anything hold her back for long, and as a result she managed to complete all the course requirements and is just moments away from receiving her certificate.”

Since completing her course with Asuria Training, Kelly has begun to look for work and aims to find an opportunity as a ‘Security Operations Centre Analyst’. She plans to continue her studies by extending her cyber security qualification into a Certificate IV, which will build her resume, skill set and experience and bring her closer to her ideal role.

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