Employability Skills Training paves PaTH to employment for participants

Asuria Training Fairfield Admin Officers Anthony and Guillermo, Trainer Bojan and and National PaTH EST Administrator, Judy
From left to right: National PaTH EST Admin Officers Anthony and Guillermo, Trainer Bojan and National PaTH EST Administrator Judy.

Getting a job requires experience, but you need a job to get that experience – it really is quite the conundrum.

Thankfully, for over two years the Youth Jobs PaTH program, which is a government initiative, has assisted young people aged 15 to 24 to learn confidence building techniques and employability skills, so that they can secure employment, regardless of the size of their resume.

Recently, two participants from Asuria Training Employability Skills Training (EST) for Youth Jobs PaTH participants completed their training and have come a long way since they first walked through the door of our training rooms in Fairfield.

For participants Nancy and Tom from Fairfield, they were keen to excel through EST to improve their employability skills, and have since completed the course, they’ve both gained employment as a result.

Asuria Training Trainer, Bojan, who leads our training group in Fairfield, has helped several participants, including Nancy and Tom.

“They [Nancy and Tom] were high achievers when they turned up. It was just preparing and learning for the interview and what the people are looking for in the industry”, said Bo.

The course involves intensive employment training, including, developing interview skills, resume writing, and most importantly, helping our participants find motivation and build resilience.

Both Nancy and Tom have gone on to say that our EST has given them several important skills that they’ll take with them throughout future opportunities.

Tom mentions that the most important skill he learnt is to treat every interview as if it’s the first interview.

And for Nancy, as a recent university graduate, EST gave her the direction she was searching for, and the ability to use her confidence as a tool to entice employers, to make up for industry experience.

Nancy and Tom have gone on to say that they’re incredibility grateful for the skills they’ve learnt with us.

“You’re not going to be taught these skills anywhere else”, said Nancy.

“Check out Asuria Training, the skills you learn are very valuable,” mentions Tom.

On behalf of the Asuria Training team, we’d like to congratulate Nancy and Tom for their achievements, and we wish them all the success in the future.

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