Is VET training right for me?

It’s a term you might not be familiar with, but VET (Vocational Education and Training) is changing the way Australian students learn.

VET focuses on practical skills and training for people looking to head straight into a work environment. And if you’re looking to move into a uni course, VET training can help you make a pathway to higher education to get where you want to go.

VET specifics

Generally, VET courses are more hands-on than other higher education courses, as they focus on occupational skills rather than theory. VET courses are popular for secondary school students, mature-aged students, job seekers or anyone looking for a career change.

They can also provide you with pathways to apprenticeships and employment.VET courses can only be offered by Registered Training Organisations like Asuria Training.

Our programs are approved by the Australian Qualifications Framework – the national framework regulating the standard of education across the country. Our VET programs allow graduates to enter or re-enter the workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for work. No matter what career opportunity you’re looking for, we have a VET course to suit.

There are many benefits to studying in the Vocational Education and Training space, and undertaking a VET qualification is a sure-fire way to launch your career in your chosen occupation.

An alternate to uni

Perhaps you were unsure about which university course you wanted to do, or maybe you didn’t receive the right marks. Many universities allow alternative entries into courses for VET/TAFE pathways, mid-year entries, mature-aged applications and more.

Those commencing uni through a VET pathway have already gained valuable skills and experience which have laid a practical foundation to continue on to higher education at university –something that future employers will look kindly upon. And in many cases, you can receive credit or recognition of prior learning for any relevant experience you gained within a work experience context.

Gain the skills you want

The importance of transferrable skills is becoming more prevalent for students and job seekers. A VET course can help participants gain valuable soft skills that you can take anywhere with you -communication, organisation, teamwork, problem-solving and time management. Additionally, most VET courses incorporate on-the-job learning, giving participants access to industry experience in a genuine work environment.

Most Asuria Training trainers have a breadth of experience in their field and have industry contacts for participants to learn from, meaning that by the time you graduate, you’ll already have a list of potential employers to connect with.

A more flexible approach

VET programs can offer a variety of study options which can help ease the juggle of study and life. VET students often have the option to study more flexibly -full or part-time, online, block-style, or on-the-job, meaning they can incorporate their studies into their other priorities such as family and work. And for those who are cost-conscious, VET study may be more inviting -eligible government concessions and subsidies can also help to reduce the cost of study.

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A VET course through Asuria Training can help you build the skills that employers want. Enquire Now today to find out more.

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